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There Is This Place Prose

There Is This Place

When you turn the pages of There is This Place, you enter into a simpler time. Slowly take in the breathtaking original artwork of Jenna Stewart, and be reminded of the beauty in our world. Travel back to your roots. Turn off the computer, put your phone down, and look up. Notice what is all around you. Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary, and you will find that real magic truly does exist here on earth . . . and even right in our own backyards. Remember, sometimes, the most beautiful is the simplest.   


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7”h x 9”w
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“What is This Place?”

Read about Jenna’s perspective on what she thinks This Place really is, and then decide for yourself what it might represent to you in this short piece of writing from her blog.



An inspiring book reminding us that the best memories are created in the simplest of places.” – Anne Bolland
With her words and images, my lovely young friend, Jenna, has brought to life the manner in which my soul is truly at peace at my Go Home Lake cottage. The magic, which she has so aptly captured, remains as strong as ever for me, even after fifty five years of summers at ‘the lake’.” – Mardi Redshaw
My family asked Jenna to paint our piece of heaven at Go Home Lake.  She was able to capture the true beauty of the cottage in the painting. Jenna then showed me her idea for her book and I knew that she would be able to create a beautiful, unique masterpiece. She incorporated everything people love about cottage country, which enabled everyone to relate to the book There Is This Place.” – The Thomson Family
“There Is This Place is a captivating book that reminds you to take pleasure and enjoy the beauty of nature. Beautifully illustrated and written, this book is magical and is sure to bring back memories of your most favourite and special places.” – Sara Bryne


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