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“The Day an Angel Came to Visit” – Written by Cori von Graffen-Adair

I wish to introduce the charismatic and inspiring Cori von Graffen-Adair. It seems appropriate in this particular moment to share how Cori and I met, as it helps to depict for you the kind of person she is.


Cori is a long-time teacher with the Simcoe County District School Board, and I first met her during a routine supply-teaching day this past fall at her school. I was on lunch duty and she happened to be visiting one of the classrooms I was patrolling to discuss something with a student. The entire class was engaged in a game that was happening on the projection screen. I was curious about the game and after a few walk-bys decided to ask about it. Cori immediately and enthusiastically answered my question and invited me to her office the following lunch break to show me how it worked. We instantly connected and if through some divine purpose, in the only 20 minutes I spent in her office, we had already shared our dreams, disappointments and passions. As the bell was ringing we had decided I would be back at the end of the day to discuss further.

I honestly believe the stars aligned for us that day and we were meant to cross paths. It was magic at its best for I feel as if I have known this extraordinary lady for far longer then the few months I actually have. She exudes an energy of love, acceptance and excitement about life. Her story, “The Day an Angel Came to Visit,” has captured this part of her soul ironically through the experience of tragic loss.

Through her poetic words she tells the story of a midnight dream, and takes us on a journey of hope and inspiration. After suffering the unimaginable loss of her young son she has managed to bring to us a story that will touch your heart with faith and belief in that invisible connection of young souls.

I am honoured to have been chosen to illustrate this stunning story of Cori’s and I cannot wait to see it come to fruition. We have been on a beautiful journey together finding images to accurately express her words of hope and eternal life, and we want you to join us. Watch the images come together through my Instagram and Facebook pages and check out the IC Bookstore for more about the story and its wonderful writer.

Follow Cori on her blog and Facebook page to get updates on the production of this story – COMING THIS SUMMER – and for news on her future plans as an Author. I am confident “The Day an Angel Came to Visit” is only the very beginning for this wonderful author and impassioned woman, join her on this journey with me.


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