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March On

I have to admit l’ve been very quiet since my last post in February. It’s just that every time I went to write something, that last post sat staring at me.  How do I continue on? How can I just post any other bit of writing about art, business, creativity? … after a bit of writing that so clearly was saying good bye to two men, far too young to no longer be with us.

Thats when I realized I had to acknowledge it … and here I am acknowledging it, two months later.

Life is weird. It never fails to throw you around. Death is even weirder; but regardless we still must go on. Our Go Home community has changed forever but life. goes. on. The sun sets and rises again, the seasons change … we march onIMG_1073

To the people closest to Greer and Jeff, I say this with the most sensitivity and love.  As we move forward in this new season (if they ever let the snow stop falling) and into the new version of our Go Home Lake community, we move forward with the knowledge that these two individuals would expect nothing less of us then to go on living life at it’s fullest, fastest and most exciting.
So here I am, aiming to do just that.

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  1. Yes, and every new season will bring its share of challenges without them, but we will do our best for them. Lisa xoxo

  2. Somethings in life cannot be changed, they can only be carried….shoulders back, eyes forward and yes March On just as you said 🙂 Thank you Jenna for the reminder

  3. Beautifully said Jenna. We never forget but by Marching On we learn to live with our new challenges. Ox

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