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Go Home Lake

I wrote the following passage for a photo album I intended to make of Go Home Lake, I think maybe in 2010. I have yet to complete that album, 6 years later … I guess I always felt that it was still in progress. Anyway, I feel like it expresses how Go Home Lake, the place I draw most of my artistic inspiration, is more then just a place. Like the message in my book, there is magic within Go Home Lake in so many shapes and forms. The most magical part being that it is a family, a community of friends and family that have grown up together for generations. This passage I wrote 6 years ago helps me to express how I can feel like the actual heart of Go Home Lake is weeping once again for a piece of it’s whole.

Words cannot describe Go Home Lake. One must experience it to have the slightest understanding of how this lake takes a hold of you, and how it buries itself forever in the bottom of your heart.

I cannot say if it is instant, or if it happens over time, or if you are simply born with it. Whatever it is… Go Home Lake flows though my veins now and forever, like it does for so many others.

As soon as you arrive your soul breaks free. The smell of the evergreens overwhelms you and the lake greets you quietly like nothing has ever changed. The breeze is always whispering through the evergreens a tune that puts you at ease. The water always talks quiet mumblings to you as it laps against the rocks. The silence hangs over you like a warm blanket, wrapping you tight. It is peace and freedom. It is a place where life’s expectations are different.

This love and passion create a connection deep down to your core. Go Home Lakers have a place in their hearts meant for only each other. We all share that same feeling of knowing that a piece of our souls are forever apart of the trees and the lake.

Today, two more souls have fully joined that place. They are now in that breeze whispering through the trees, they are now a part of that water mumbling to you against the rocks, they are that silence wrapping you tight.

Boys, you made me laugh … far to many times. You made me roll my eyes just as many times. You lived life at full speed; you soaked it up and enjoyed it. I promise to do the same, obviously not nearly as well as you did, but I will try. I will enjoy every minute, be more adventurous, dance in the rain, be less judgmental, stop worrying, forgive quickly, over use “I Love You” and laugh, sing and drink beer.

Cheers boys. Be at peace, you are forever at home now. We will miss you. You are loved by so many. xo


The Heart of the Lake
The Heart of the Lake

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  1. Oh my gosh…that is just beautiful. You have a great creative talent. Your words are a truth for many, hopefully all. Cheers.

  2. In life we have to learn to trust the journey even when we struggle at times understanding it….my faith teaches me that in death all is revealed …..When I’m lucky enough to be invited up to the lake…I have seen and felt the magic you speak of 🚣

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