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January: New Year. Fresh Start. Resolutions?


I have never been someone who makes a big deal of New Years Eve. It is almost always last minute plans and either involves crashing someone else’s party or finding whomever else in my close circle of friends and family that are without plans as well. We usually assemble together at home, sipping whatever wine or beer we had left over from Christmas, and watching the Toronto or New York countdown. Oh, and don’t forget that PJ’s are a totally acceptable fashion statement.

Very exciting, I know.

I guess I have always found the New Year a bit weird. It is saying goodbye to another year gone by and at the same time welcoming in a new one. It can be exciting, but at the same time it is a bit sad too. I always end up reflecting on the year past, the ups and the downs; the challenges and the unexpected surprises; the tears and the laughs. Then I start the count down, I cheers and kiss those I am with and all of the sudden it is a new year. It is weird. The clock just continued going like always. It tic tock’d and became a new day, a new year. It never feels any different but you know it is, somehow. At this point I start to try to glance forward, looking into the blank slate that is this New Year. Where are we headed? What is headed towards us? You don’t know. Just like any other day of the year you cannot see into the future, you can only learn from the past and live in the present. I guess that is why I do not get the big deal about it… it is just another day that happens to make writing down the date challenging for the following few weeks.

Maybe it is because I never made a big deal about New Years Eve that I have also never made a big deal about resolutions. The definition of “resolution” is: A firm decision to do or not to do something. Yet it originates from the Latin word resolvere‘loosen, release. I find that kind of ironic actually. I do not associate a decision that confines us to doing or not doing one thing with the ability to loosen or release. These seem like two very different actions. Today’s society has fully accepted our new definition of resolutions. We create decisions that confine us from doing or not doing something; which statistics say less then 90% of us succeed in completing and in fact by this week in January, have already given up on them. These include statements like, “I cannot eat chocolate” or “I must go to the gym 5 days a week.” It is never a bad thing to eat healthy or get to the gym more often but why do healthy choices always have to feel constricting and confining? Rigid and systematic?

This year I am not confining myself. This year I don’t intend to make resolutions, I do however intend to resolvere … that is, allow myself to release what I can not control; to let go, relax and enjoy; to smile everyday even to those who had snarled at me; to pass on positivity; to release stress quickly and efficiently; to loosen my shoulders instead of tighten my abs. It will be this decision to release rather then confine, that I believe I will find a healthier body, as well as a healthy mind and spirit. It is with this decision that I believe I will find the freedom of spirit to make daring and adventurous decisions that will feed my soul instead of continue to feed the public’s interpretation of what my life should look like.

Cheers 2016, let us kiss and relax. Let us grow and expand, let us embrace what is coming and release what we cannot control. Let us be that adventurous and brave girl who moved to England without even a place to sleep. Let us rock it.



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