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Past and Future

Tea parties, backyard adventures, witches and warlocks, princesses and princes … the places children live. This summer has taken me back to a number of places in my past. Beautiful places, sad places, hilarious places, magical places … I guess big events like best friend weddings do that to you.

It is funny… Childhood dreams and imaginings can sometimes evolve into realities. Always different than you imagined, but special none the less.

I have spent my summer helping plan and put into action two special weddings for two special people. In this process I have experienced the magic of old friendships and kindred spirits. The magic in the emotions of love, fear, jealousy and excitement.


Once again I am captured by that magic I talk about. And once again I am convinced it is born in our childhood. Somewhere along our path to adulthood we stop nourishing it, but I saw it this past Sunday at my best friends wedding. I saw the magic in her gentle smile when she looked at her to-be husband. In their excited and nervous giggles as they said their vows. I felt it in my heart as I said my speech, remembering our fearlessness in expressing ourselves as teenagers.

It was truly there and all around us.

Once again I call on you to look for it. Take care of it. Smile at the magic that you find in your everyday. Help make it grow by sipping tea in a pretty teacup or by cherishing a little moment of shared kindness and love. It is in these moments that we can call on our lost imaginations of our childhoods and see that there is reality in them.

When you look for it, life becomes a little more beautiful.

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