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Speaking of Magic …

I talk about how I believe magic truly exists in our ordinary world in There Is This Place. I believe it exists on the wind that kisses our faces gently with a breeze. I believe it exists in the creatures we share our world with. I believe it exist in the incredible colours of nature that surround us. And of all times of the year it seems to exist more clearly at Christmas.

I don’t know if it’s the abundance of twinkling lights, maybe the extra-decorated shop windows. Perhaps it’s the chillier air, a promise of winter and in turn a promise of cozy rooms with crackling fireplaces. It could be the gently falling snowflakes floating from the heavens to land softly on our hats, hair and noses. These plus many more, help us see the magic a bit more clearly at Christmas. There is a buzz in the air. Jazzy band music fills our cars, stores and houses creating an atmosphere full of richness. Our kitchens become full of aromas of delicious baking and cooking. We open our doors to friends and family. It truly is a magical time of year.

I think this is because we are looking for the magic more obviously at Christmas. We are nurturing it more then we normally do. Christmas is the time of year where we all make more of an effort to fill our lives with music, decadent foods, love and a spirit of giving. We are asked to show kindness to one another and wish strangers a “Merry Christmas”. When we pay attention to life’s simple pleasures; when we give freely and practice kindness and gratitude, magic has a hard time hiding anymore.   Once you’ve figured out how to acknowledge the magic and nurture it, it is impossible not to believe it exists. It fills your world and you can’t help but see it all around you, sometimes where you’d least expect to find it.

I challenge you this Christmas and New Year to look for the magic. See it in the smiling clerk who checked you out, smiling to you even though you are her 200th customer. See it in the twinkling lights on the houses lining the streets. See it in the nice fellow who let you change lanes. See it in the fresh snowfall, and how it seems to give us a blank palette or a fresh start. See the magic, and share the magic.

I promise that when you do, the magic begins to take shape everywhere.

Life is beautiful, pass it on… and of course, Merry Christmas!

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