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Official Announcement of the Publication of “There is This Place”

It is happening! I am publishing There is This Place, originally titled My Happy Place.

I have teamed up with IC Publishing (icpublishing.caand We Make Books ( to bring my story to life. The story was originally written as an assignment for my Literature and Language class in teachers college.  We were asked to write a children’s book.  The book I wrote was not necessarily a book for children, but I feel there is a message in it that deserves a bigger stage to stand on.

So here we are, three years later and it is getting that stage.  The story is about traveling back to our roots, putting the computer and phone down and looking up. Seeing what is all around you. Discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary. When you properly look around, you might be surprised to find that there actually is real magic on our planet earth… and even in our backyards.

Remember that sometimes the most beautiful, is the simplest.

The View From Here – SOLD

Keep following my blog here for more information about the official Book Launch and how to purchase your own copy.  I will also continue to post about the process of bringing this book to publication and print.

I hope you enjoy my journey with There Is This Place! Thank you for your support.





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