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MacPhail’s, Go Home Lake

Here is my latest commission, the MacPhail Cottage on Go Home Lake.  It is yet another gorgeous spot on the beautiful GHL.  The MacPhail’s are original owners on Go Home Lake, having bought the land when it was first released in the early 50’s.  Mr. MacPhail built by hand, and with no electricity, the building that still stands there today.  He would bring his family of 6 camping every summer while he built the cottage around their campsite.  Now owned by two of his daughters it remains what I believe to be a real cottage, with a heart true to life’s simplicities and the power of family, friends and nature.  No hot water tank, no TV and its doors open to plenty of family and friends who frequent its docks, decks and bunk beds every summer.

Thank you for your longtime friendships and for the opportunity to represent your piece of heaven in paint and board.

MacPhails, Lot 8

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