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Will Currie and the Country French Album Cover

I was approached by a long standing friend in my fourth year of university to create a painting for the band he was managing, Will Currie an
d the Country French.  The painting was to be used for their up coming album cover, their second album titled Awake You Sleepers.  Marshall gave me a photo of some artwork to use as a study.  Oddly enough when Marshall gave me the photo to work off neither of us were sure of the artist.  A few days after talking to Marshall about this commission I had a crit with my Prof.  We talked about my work and my intentions and in turn he introduced me to Peter Doig to use as a referance artist… while looking at his work up popped the painting Marshall had given me!  This funny coincidence gave me a certain confidence over creating this painting.

Marshall I hope it was all that you and the band wanted and thank you for the opportunity!

Awake You Sleepers (cover)

This is the original painting and the album cover Marshall put together after photographing the painting.  Look for the album Awake You Sleepers in stores all over North America!

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