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There is This Place …

These are images from a story I just completed writing. I hope to publish it at some point in the near future. It is about the simplest things in life and how beautiful and magical they are if we just open our eyes to see them properly.  SO OPEN YOUR EYES… see the magic.

Expert from My Happy Place by Jenna Stewart

“…There is this place.  It is a simple place.  There are no tall buildings or bustling cars.  There are not a lot of people.  There are no roads, or highways and there is no traffic.  This place is special.  It is magical, but it doesn’t have real fairies.  The only fairies that live here are the ones who glitter like diamonds when the sun hits the surface of the water.  The only fairies that live here twinkle like a million lights blinking down from the black velvet dome above our heads…”

Dedicated to Bill and Doris Dukelow, who in 1967 purchased a “little piece of heaven” on Go Home Lake, and to all of those who believe in magic.


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