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“Portraiture with Words”

Portraiture With Words

This series was created as a final project in third year drawing.  Each piece is roughly 3 feet by 4 feet on ripped paper with conte.

The project was and is about people.  The viewers initial response to seeing these images is the punch of a large-scale, foreshortened, black and white anonymous image of someone.  However as you approach the piece and inspect it, it is layers of ripped paper with very personal stories written throughout the background that hopefully you can connect with the figure in the image.  The rips act like scars, for people are layered because of their experiences.  What I wanted was the viewer to see past the initial punch of the images and see the deeper layers of the person through their own words.

It became about on honesty thing.  It was about exposing yourself and your scars.  I was attempting to create a portrait of someone that expresses who they are by words they’ve written about themselves rather than what they look like.  I wanted to express the process of getting to know someone through a simple portrait of them.  I thoroughly enjoyed creating this series for I was able to have some very interesting conversations with my models and learned little things about them I never really knew before.  Thanks to everyone who participated for me.  It was a journey.

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