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Paintings: Some Past Commissions

Go Home Lake has been a long standing inspiration for me.  Had I found my painting niche earlier on in my art career at Waterloo I may have pursued a different path then portraiture.  However my new found passion for painting has opened up doors post university and given me the opportunity to explore landscape with a better understanding of art.  My paintings still carry many qualities of a draftsman for drawing is my first passion but I am exploring the new possibilities paint can provide and very much enjoying it.

Here are four acrylic paintings all inspired by Go Home Lake.  Each were done at very separate times, two of which were the result of assigned projects in second year of university and the others commissions.


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  1. I better comment so you know I’m dropping by and enjoying both your drawings and paintings. I found you on the tag surfer about 2 weeks ago because I was attracted to your drawings. You do beautiful work. I am especially drawn to the composition of the upper left painting with the warm glow inside and cool glow from the light on the lake. Nice work. I like the simplicity in the one next to it.

    • Thank you for comments, it`s really awesome to hear people are enjoying my work. I`ll be trying to update every few weeks or so, so keep swinging by. I also took a look at your work and it`s beautiful! You have inspired me to explore watercolour again, thanks!

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