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Artist Statement: The Work of a University Student

I just recently closed the door on the chapter of my undergrad career at the University of Waterloo.  It ended with a bang with the Fourth Year Group Graduating Show “As the Crow Flies”, presented at the Render Gallery in Waterloo this past April.  Here is a peek at the work I was producing and the themes I was playing with during the final year of my Fine Arts Honors Degree.

My intent was to make art about people.  I used a variety of materials including conté, charcoal, ink and watercolour pencil on wood panels.  With these materials I was able to describe my subjects with varying mark making and textures.  I hoped to monumentalize the ordinary person and to draw attention to those small simple moments where you see into someone or just simply share a space with them.  I want to express these moments in their fleeting existence allowing the viewer to add their own story to the person or persons I am depicting.

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