I want to personally thank you for visiting Jenna Stewart, Artist and Author.
IMG_3360_2Please explore my corner of the Internet and enjoy the way in which I capture our beautiful world.

Always an artist, I have had a passion for creativity in its infinite forms ever since I can remember. Recently an Author and Illustrator, I have expanded my toolbox to include the written word.

While you are here, it is my hope that you can find a “Happy Place” in the pages of my published book, There Is This Place; that you may find inspiration and joy in my original artwork and limited edition prints; that you may request a personalized commission or a conference for an illustration project; that you may seek guidance in pursuing your own dreams of becoming published and finding your own niche in the world of art and writing. Most importantly though, it is my hope that you can find magic in our everyday world.

It is my mission to spread the magic of creativity and the appreciation of the little things as far as my reach will take me. This is your reminder to pause, open your heart and mind, and truly see!

“Sometimes, the most beautiful is the simplest.” – JSAA





5 Comments on “Welcome

  1. Your work is beautiful.
    Have you any of the GHL maps left. We are interested in the larger size but any format would be fine.


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